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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shrimp and Mango Cabbage Roll

With spring coming and all the health freaks out there, this is a great and easy dish to prepare. I start with a few main ingredients: Shrimp, napa cabbage, mango, cilantro, red onion, red pepper, and jalapeno. I make a mango "pico de gallo" with the veggies minus the cabbage. I grill the shrimp. Cut the cabbages top part of the leaves off so that they are easily rolled. Layer the pico into the cabbage as shown above, chop the shrimp so that they are not too bulky and layer them in with the pico.

This is what they look like after rolling them. Like a little burrito, only cabbage rather than tortillas. Of course they are tiny, only a bite or two each. I placed them in a perforated pan so that I can steam them. I usually steam them about 8 minutes, but depending on size and density you may need to just test the temp of them. Once they are hot, let them rest just a minute at room temperature. Slice and serve with whatever floats your boat.

This is what the roll looks like when its been steamed and sliced. They tend to fall apart, so you have to be careful when slicing. I served this with a touch of chili sauce and a cilantro leaf. Very simple, but a ton of flavor.