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Fishing the Hawaiian Islands

When one goes fishing late at night, with only 2 people on board a fishing boat, what else could happen? These local boys went out for an evening looking for a big catch. I would call a 740 pound Marlin exactly that. Although I was not fortunate enough to be part of this catch, I thought I would share some photos taken by a co-worker who was. After a couple hours of fighting the fish, the fishermen realized this one was too big to pull aboard. So, making a slow trip home, they phoned several friends to meet them at the harbor shortly after midnight. Nobody knew, until the fish was hoist with a crane and weighed, exactly how big of a catch they actually had. You can see the comparison of the people surrounding the fish, and how much bigger he is to any of them. The fish in the longbed of a pick-up also shows its size. The bill of the massive fish easily goes past the end of the open tailgate of the 8 foot bed of the truck. With several friends into fishing, many with their own boats I a…