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Our Vegetable/Herb Garden: Just the Beginning

As a start to a very beautiful garden, here are some photos of the young vegetation being utilized in our restaurants. I know I have spent much time away from Blogspot, but it has been productive time. In addition to the photos below, we have many other items planted. Some of them include: pomegranite trees, lime trees, tangerine trees, orange trees, bronze fennel, green fennel, grapefruit mint, chocolate mint, mojito mint, Vietnamese coriander, tomatoes, bay tree (bay leaves), apple banana trees and papaya trees to name a few. Much, Much more is to come. We will begin garden tours soon as well, and each week we hope to have noticeable improvements and additions.
Apple Mint Asparagus Asparagus Basil Green Head Cabbage Cuban Oregano Dasheen Eggplant Ginger Root Bell Pepper Green Onions Holy Basil Jalapeno Peppers Lavender Leeks Lemongrass Lime Basil Opal Basil Opal Basil