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Maui Pineapple

Growing pineapple on Maui is incredibly easy. I simply spin the top of a store bought pineapple to remove it. Peel away a couple of the smaller leaves at the bottom and plant the sucker. This one was planted about a year ago, and has just recently begun to sprout a new pineapple. It will produce a pineapple about every 2 years, but they will get smaller each generation and will eventually become unusable. Garden is looking good!


Another brunch carving. This one was a sailfish that was cut from a thin, half block of ice. It required attaching the bill, which this is the first time I have attempted this since being in Hawaii. Again, she turned out ok.

Hawaiian sea turtle on ice

Lately I have been doing all of the ice carvings for our three weekend buffers. This honu has its flaws, but I carved it completely free-hand and it seems to have turned out pretty good.