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Asian Shrimp Ceviche

Ok, so ceviche is Latin American, not Asian. Well today I prepared another amuse-bouche for dinner service and this was what I made. It may have resembled more of a Hawaiian Poke than ceviche, but the distinct lime based marinade reminded me more of ceviche. I served it on a fried won-ton chip, with avocadoaioli and sweet Thai chili. The garnish is simply nori strips. This is obviously a much simpler amuse than the roasted duck from an earlier post, however the flavor combination and presentation rivaled that of the duck. Again, a slow night allowed us to give special attention to our Alacarte guests. We certainly have been having several great compliments coming from guests as of late. I can only hope to begin to see some of the local faces popping in more frequently. I am confident in the fact that I have helped the resort take their alacarte service up a few notches. I am committed to making my alacarte menu more and more popular as time goes on.