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A taste of Pomegranate

Here we have a pomegranate brownie, a peppercorn pomegranate soup, and a white chocolate pomegranate parfait. This is a delicate, fresh dessert that makes people feel like they are getting more for their money.

Sweet Tooth

We stuck with the southwest-Colorado Fusion theme when we decided on fresh churros. As simple as they come, we fry them to order, roll them in sugar and Cinnamon, and sauce them with a spicy chocolate and a mango sauce. Smores also seem to be a great comforting dessert here in the Rockies. We took that idea and made a smore cake. It has a graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache, toasted coconut and a torched coconut meringue.

Huitlacoche Salmon

Huitlacoche. Known to many farmers as corn smutt, huitlacoche has long been used in Mexican cooking. The Aztecs used this Mexican truffle in many meals too. Huitlacoche, also spelled cuitlacoche, has a smoky corn flavor. It is a fungus that grows inside kernals of corn when weather conditions are just right. We have coated the seared salmon with this interesting ingredient and serve it with a buerreblanc. Its a great spring dish.