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Here are some good lookin' scallops the boys put together tonight for an appetizers for big table tonight.


New supplies

I just got in a few new items to try out some new molecular recipes. I finally got the "caviar" stopper so I don't have to make them one drop at a time. I also brought in more tapioca maltodextrin that i have used in past posts, but would like to do more experimenting with. Powdered agar, pectin, soy lecithin and
Carrageenan are also additions to my shelf, so I plan to work on some new, fun stuff for our different restaurants. I am excited to liven up our menu a bit with some unusual components.

Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops, Morel Mushroom Broth

Another nice appetizer to get your mouth watering. This is a simple, popular dish that I really enjoy. We wrap U-10 scallops in thinly sliced Italian prosciutto and pan sear. They are served on a house grown basil pesto infused polenta cake. The morel broth is hit with tomato and shallots, and of course, finished with whole butter.

Pepper Seared Ahi with Whipped Molokai Sweet Potatoes

Killer feedback on this dish. My new favorite entree. We take a medium 2+ Hawaiian caught Ahi filet and clean it to just the beautiful center cut. We coat the entire loin with hand crushed black pepper, hawaiian sea salt and extra virgin olive oil and sear the whole thing rare. We cut a 6 oz portion to order and give it one final sear before serving. The combination of the high quality ahi, molokai purple potatoes and the vanilla and cherry demi makes for a very well rounded entree.

Passion of Hamachi and Ahi

Here is a new app on the menu. It is the passion of hamachi and ahi. We do a nice little ahi poke tower with cilantro and kaffier lime sour cream, served with fresh hamachi sashimi, pickeld radish and daikon radish.

Duck Bacon "BLT"

This was last nights little $6 appetizer. It is house made duck bacon, fresh house made mozzarella with house grown Thai basil pesto aioli, kamuela tomato and sprouts in a house made sliced maui onion bread. I served it with molokai potato chips. We were not slammin' busy, but one of the tables that ordered this app, actually bought another one for after their dinner because they really enjoyed the first one.