Bacon Wrapped Surf And Turf (Using Transglutaminase)

Transglutaminase, aka Meat Glue made this dish work. Transglutaminase is a powder that actually binds (or glues) proteins to each other. In this example, I have glued beef tenderloin to shrimp and wrapped the whole thing in bacon. After the transglutaninase sets up (about 4 hours) the protein can be cooked as one piece of meat. Once cooked, the bacon was nice and crisp, the shrimp and beef tenderloin stayed together in the same shape I had molded them, and it was easily sliced into nice thin pieces. This is my first time using meat glue, so I am pretty happy with the result. This was only an experiment, and it was delicious. I served the bacon wrapped surf and turf with an avocado-mango salsa and a spicy smoked tomato coulis. The garnish was just some baby frisee with red and green tango tied together with a grilled chive.


  1. Very good, food glue is lot's of fun. I've done several recipes from Keller's Under Pressure sous vide book that use this method. Duck breast roulade wrapped in Swiss Chard, chicken breast roulade etc all use this method and produce great looking results.

    I've got a photo of the duck in this post from my blog.


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