Striped Bass With Tomato-Leek Ragout

As we start to brainstorm the fall-winter menu we discussed using a rocky mountain fresh water fish. Makes sense. Striped bass seems like a good fit. I decided to play around today with whole striped bass and here's what I came up with. I scaled the fish and removed the innards. Once the skin had been scored, I rubbed the inside and out of the fish with oil, salt and pepper. I grilled the fish to crisp up the skin really nicely. The dish actually had only 3 components but they worked nicely together and didn't over power the flavor of the fish. The tomato-leek ragout was nice. I cooked it down with some garlic and chicken stock with a touch of fresh lime juice to give it a nice light broth. I topped the fish with a oyster mushroom salsa that added an earthy flavor to the mix. It turned out nice and I was able to share the 2 plates with the FOH and kitchen staff.


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