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Herb Roasted Pheasant with Smoked Tomato Demi

Tonight's Entree Special: Herb Roasted Pheasant Breast with Smoked Tomato Demi. I really enjoyed this dish. I made a really nice herb marinade yesterday and smothered the pheasant breasts over night. It is a very flavorful, earthy and fragrant dish. The smoked tomato demi works really well with the pheasant, but the risotto served as the starch on this dish is just killer. It starts with a saute of thinly sliced prosciutto ham, onion, and a blend of wild mushrooms and garlic. After adding the risotto I add chicken stock and finish with diced Brie cheese. The flavor profiles come together really nicely and the dish works well. Although fall isn't officially here for a few more days, my mind is transitioning into the colder weather direction and my food doing the same.

Striped Bass With Tomato-Leek Ragout

As we start to brainstorm the fall-winter menu we discussed using a rocky mountain fresh water fish. Makes sense. Striped bass seems like a good fit. I decided to play around today with whole striped bass and here's what I came up with. I scaled the fish and removed the innards. Once the skin had been scored, I rubbed the inside and out of the fish with oil, salt and pepper. I grilled the fish to crisp up the skin really nicely. The dish actually had only 3 components but they worked nicely together and didn't over power the flavor of the fish. The tomato-leek ragout was nice. I cooked it down with some garlic and chicken stock with a touch of fresh lime juice to give it a nice light broth. I topped the fish with a oyster mushroom salsa that added an earthy flavor to the mix. It turned out nice and I was able to share the 2 plates with the FOH and kitchen staff.