Monkfish Bruchette on Avocado Marble

I saw the avocado marble in the newest Art Culinare and thought it looked cool. I used the technique described in the magazine to add a really neat looking component to tonight's amuse. These little skewers are one bite, consisting of portobella mushroom, heirloom tomato, diced onion and one cube of monkfish. The avocado is cold, so it gives the dish a contrast in temperature and texture. I used a pinch of Hawaiian pink sea salt to enhance the already flavorful first bite.

The avocado marble is an easy way to make a dish unique. This takes no time to do, and sets up in about an hour in the freezer. Just start with avocados in a mixing bowl, and gently mash the together to blend the colors slightly. Place the mixture on a pan lined with plastic wrap. Place a second piece of wrap over the avocados and roll to about 1/4 inch thick with a rolling pin. Freeze for an hour or so, then cut with ring molds, or a knife.


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