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Monday, June 1, 2009

Chili Marinated Monkfish with Sauteed Plantains And Pineapple-Rum Sauce

With a case of plantains just asking to be used and some leftover Monkfish, I threw together this amuse. I marinated the Monkfish in a chili oil, added a bit of garlic and grilled it. I made a simple pineapple-rum sauce with some shallots and a touch of stock. The green is a poblano puree which also has a strong, crisp cilantro flavor to mellow the pepper flavor. I sauteed the diced plantains with nothing more than diced onion with salt and pepper. This amuse does its job well. The one bite leaves your mouth watering for more. All in all it is a very South American style dish to start off your dinner.

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