Buffalo Filet Mignon, Cedar Planked Salmon, and Stuffed Poblano Chile

(Click pictures to enlarge!)

The item on the left is our buffalo filet Mignon. It is served with chili spiced apples, sauteed oyster mushrooms, and a port demi. Second is our cedar planked salmon dish. It is crusted in a hazelnut pesto, served with cherry infused jasmine rice, and lemon-saffron cream sauce. Our vegetarian option is also terrific. It is the smoked cheddar corn and potato hash stuffed poblano chile. It sounds hot, but is actually mildly spicy. It comes with Indian fry bread and an ancho chile sauce. These are three of our current entree options in the Mountain View restaurant at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. For those of you that I had a chance to speak with at Sunday brunch, this should give you an idea of our menu. I hope to see you all again for dinner some time.


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