Braised Lamb Shank with Wild Mushroom and Asiago Risotto

I had to take a mountain view picture with this lamb dish. This lamb was braised for about 5 hours and came out incredibly tender. It just fell off the bone. I did a traditional braise, incorporating port wine to deglaze, dalmatian sage, whole caraway and cumin seed, and a fair amount of garlic. For service, I tightened the sauce slightly, and served it with risotto which contained portabello and oyster mushrooms with asiago cheese. Very much a Rocky Mountain dish. Its a huge portion, and it is not too complex. The braising technique really brings all the flavors together and balances the sauce very nicely. For $22 I would be thrilled to have this plate set down in front of me. As you can see from the outdoor picture, the restaurant is name very appropriately, the Mountain View Restaurant.


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