Monkfish Three Ways

I had trouble deciding what to do for a special. I wanted to use monkfish, but could make my mind up how I should serve it. So I decided to do all of them. Each skewer that you see has a 2 oz piece of monkfish. I served them all with the same starch and veg, being sun dried tomato infused whipped potatoes and sweet pepper with wilted arugula. From left to right, I prepared a tempura fried monkfish with a mango pico de gallo and soy-chili glaze. Secondly I garlic butter poached monkfish and served it with pesto cream. And last, I did prosciutto wrapped monkfish with a black truffle and Parmesan cream sauce. All taste great and the plate looks great. Very clean. I can only hope that with the hotels occupancy being down, we can sell at least a couple. It seems that people are afraid of monkfish too, so that could put a damper on sales. I am confident that if we do sell some, the guest will be more than happy with the dish.


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