Shrimp B.L.T.

The flavors in this dish are incredible. I like the look and idea of my take on a shrimp B.L.T., but the flavors work just great with each other. I grilled 16/20 Tiger Shrimp, and used wilted garlic spinach in place of lettuce. Rather than sliced bread used in the traditional sandwich, I used ciabatta toast points for some crunch. The big component to this dish is the wild boar bacon and tomato jam. I made this similar to a chutney, and served it warm. It had well rounded flavor itself, balancing the acidity of the tomatoes, smokiness of chipotle and adobo sauce, and the fattiness of the wild boar bacon. I used red wine vinegar and granulated sugar to get the chutney flavor, keeping more of a jam consistency. I used a few dots of lemon aioli to enhance the look and B.L.T. feel to the plate. I'm very happy with how this simple dish turned out, giving a new twist to an old favorite.


  1. These all look and sound so good!

  2. Sounds Creative and Delicious, I would definetely buy and eat this dish. when will you make it available, perhaps as a lunch or dinner special?

  3. It was used as a dinner special origionally. Perhaps I need to bring it back for another go.


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