Buffalo Tenderloin

This is tonight's dinner special. It started with extra mashed potatoes. I cooked off some prosciutto and some oyster mushrooms with a few minced cloves 0f garlic. I added in the extra mash, folded in some diced brie cheese and made some croquettes from the mixture. The breading was simply Parmesan, panko, basil and of course salt and pepper. I pan seared the buffalo medallions to a nice medium rare. I also seared some marinated tomatoes, and blanched baby carrots, patty pans, and asparagus. The duet of a nice veal glace and traditional sauce Bearnaise brought all the richness needed to help cut the acidity of the tomatoes. I finished the dish off by garnishing it with an asiago crisp which gave this dish some height and some crunch. The colors and flavors make this basic dish so special. It looks great and tastes even better. Hopefully we see some business tonight so we can impress someone other than the staff.


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