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Benjamin Henion

I find it fascinating that in a time so technologically advanced, that even the food industry has begun to evolve like it never has before. With people out there doing molecular gastronomy, and using laboratories along side kitchens food has changed more in the last 20 or so years more than ever before. I myself have not yet explored to the newest methods of the industry. Perhaps only because I want my classical skills to exceed the standards of what the Midwest is now doing. Its ass-backwards, in my opinion, to take it to the next level before really nailing down the basics. This being said, how do you measure your worth as a chef? What I do in the kitchen makes me proud. The way I approach work truly is to give 11o percent. I feel that the employees that follow in my steps look up to me not only as a boss, but as an inspiration in creativity and flavor exploration. I try to instill the simple basic principles of cooking and share everything I have learned. This, to me, makes me a be…